Italy without Sicily does not leave an impression in your soul: here lies the key to everything.                  J. W. Goethe

Regnum Siciliae Import LLC - A Putìa dû Re ("Regnum Siciliae" from Latin Sicilian Kingdom and "A Putìa dû Re" from Sicilian The King’s Store) is a brand new concept of import company.
We import culture, traditions and lifestyle, not just goods!
Our goal is to offer our customers a snapshot of Sicilian history, culture and society.
Regnum Siciliae imports only the finest goods from Sicily and sell them through online retail, wholesale distribution and direct retail. Everything we import is 100% made in Sicily only using local raw materials.
Regnum Siciliae organizes wine and cheese tasting, food tasting, cooking class, history and archaeology class, guided tours in Sicily, puppet theater shows, lecturer and other events related to the island.
Our mission is to import and offer the finest food and non-food products from Sicily. We value our relationship with Sicilian food producers and artisans. We personally visit our producers and artisans in Sicily -all family owned businesses- to inspect processing of food and production of artifacts.
We can guarantee the highest quality of our products, no exceptions. Every piece we import is -and will always be- 1 of a kind, no copies, no industrial production whatsoever. We always select and try our products one by one.
Regnum Siciliae was established in 2016 based upon an idea by Riccardo Cannavo, Giuseppe Lombardo, Sabrina Munao and Sandra Rizza.
Welcome to Sicily, welcome to the Island of the Sun.

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