“A Putìa dû Re” is the selling/distribution department of the company. The name comes from Sicilian “The King’s Store”. The Putìa’s logo represents the king of Sicily sitting on the island and showing some of the island goodies. The Putìa's logo was designed  by Sabrina Munao in 2016.

The word “Putìa” in Sicilian indicates a little store, that kind of store you can find in the countryside villages, usually on the main road. This idea is very real, at this time we rely upon seven artisans all over the island. We personally know them all and we spend time with them when we go back to the island.

We usually have lunch together talking about business and the U.S. They are curious and very interested in the U.S. and they’re also happy to sell their artifacts on the other side of the ocean.

All of our artisans have been doing their job for three generations or more and all of them are proud to keep going their family heritage.

All the artifacts Regnum Siciliae Imports are 100% handmade only using Sicilian raw materials and every single piece is signed by the artisan. Pieces are nearly impossible to reproduce as they are; we unconditionally guarantee top-notch quality on all of our goods.

Please be aware that small flaws and imperfections may appear as each piece is handmade and hand painted, those little imperfections are the clear mark that the piece has never seen a factory in all of its life.

If you have question about our company or item, please make them on the blog!